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 Located 117 KM. south of Hermosillo, by the peaceful and attractive Sea of Cortez, it is the main sea port in  the state of Sonora.

The exploration, discovery, and foundation of this town was made by the Jesuit Missionaries, Juan Maria Salvatierra, and Eusebio Kino, who named it San Jose de la Laguna (1701), later it was renamed San Jose de Guaymas.  In 1825, it becomes a municipality; it currently carries the name Heroica de Guaymas.

Considered the main seaport of Sonora.  Guaymas is a town of great tradition that bases its economy in the fishing industry, commerce, and seaport shipping.

It’s climate is generally warm, an average of 25 degrees Celsius.  Precipitation is 2329 mm, and it has an average of 27 days of rain a year.

Plaza de los 3 Presidentes
It is one of the main meeting points for the people of Guaymas, and where multiple events take place, such as; Mardi-gras, Independence day festivities, as well as official acts.  Its name is due to the fact that the statues of three ex-presidents are displayed here. (General  Plutarco Elías Calles, General Adolfo de la Huerta, General Abelardo L. Rodríguez, which were all born in Guaymas.

Plaza 13 de Julio
With its Moorish kiosk, it is one of the most representative sites in Guaymas.  Built in the XIX century, it is also an important site in the history of the city, since it commemorates the battle of the 13 of July 1854, in which the patriots of Guaymas heroically defended and defeated the French invaders.  Gustave Eiffel, the architect that designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris, designed the Kiosk.

Town Hall
Located adjacent to the Plaza de los tres Presidentes, in downtown Guaymas.  With its fascinating stone structure, it is one of the towns’ main sites.

Tourist Malecon
Easily recognized by the fisherman’s statue and the words to the song “ La Barca de Guaymas” It is located on the boardwalk by the bay and it’s the most representative symbol in the port.

San Fernando Church
Dates back to the XIX century, its neoclassic architecture and it’s the main church of this port of Guaymas

Sacred Heart Church
It is the oldest of all the churches and temples, and like San Fernando its architecture is neoclassic..

Municipal Marketplace
Easy to find, it is downtown.  In it you’ll find fruits, vegetables, clothing apparel, regional foods, typical art of the region, such as ironwood figurines, hand woven baskets, seashell arrangements, among other things.

Miramar Beach
Located in the Bacochibampo bay, it is one of the most peaceful beaches.  Great for families, with a seaside restaurant, sports equipment rental, boat trips, and the scenery that surrounds it is absolutely lovely.

Pearl Farm
It began as a school project for the Instituto Technologico de Monterrey.  Today it is a lucrative business of cultivated pearls in the natural farm that the university has at Bacochibampo bay.  Guided tours are offered Monday through Friday.

Shell House
Located downtown next to Plaza 13 de Julio.  It houses shell exhibits, it also has a great variety of shells and shell artwork for sale.

Danzing fountain
Located in the beautiful tourist malecon , with movements of water dance to the music and beautiful colors that are reflected on it.